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Virtual Exercise Classes

I am teaching virtual exercise classes online via the app Zoom. Please download on your device and email me at [email protected] or text me on 07905 041677 to let me know if you wish to join a class & I will email you an invitation via Zoom. There is a link in the email, click on this and it takes you to the class you are booked into. 

Please log in 5 minutes before the start of the class so we can start on time. ☺️

If you are a beginner to exercise, I would recommend the mixed ability pilates or the stretching classes.  If you are new to my classes you will need to complete a PARQ health. I would also advise you check with your GP that you are safe to exercise if you have any medical issues.

COST of classes:

Cost of the online classes: 


£15.00 weekly subscription for unlimited classes

Monday to Saturday.  Credit cannot be given for missed classes or refunds given. 

Or drop in option:

£4.00 for 30 minute class

£6.00 for 45 minute class

£8.00 for 60 minute class

Recordings of the live classes can be purchased. Cost is you are not paying the weekly subscription: £10.00 per recording for 60 minute class, £8.00 for 45 minute and 

£5.00 for 30 minute class.

Great alternative to the live streamed classes.

Payment by bank transfer. Please ask for my payment details.

PLEASE PAY before joining the class. 

Online Live Stream Schedule

Tuesday 5th October

Barre & Pilates workout @ 5.00pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Sculpt and strengthen your body with this 30 minute workout. The workout combines barre and pilates exercises to add variety to your workout routine and target all your muscles through small isometric movements.

You will need a mat, sturdy chair or table to hold onto. Small hand weights are also useful.

Yoga & Pilates workout @ 5.35pm

Duration: 30 minutes

A workout to stretch and strengthen your body. An easy flowing workout to help you unwind after work.

Mat, band, pilates ball.

Wednesday 6th October

Wake Up and Stretch with Relaxation @ 8.30am

Duration: 30 minutes

A class to lengthen & stretch the muscles in your body, to help increase flexibility & improve strength & release tension.

Mat and band.

Thursday 7th October

Full body workout @ 5.00pm

Duration: 30 minutes

A full body workout with some cardio moves, body conditioning and strength work.

Low and high impact options available. Wear trainers. Weights and mat useful

Abs & Booty workout @ 5.35pm

Duration: 30 minutes

Enjoy this workout that will focus on strengthening your core and your glutes. Get ready for the burn!

Mat, band & ball.

Friday 8th October

Friday Flow @ 11.30am

Duration: 60 minutes

Flowing pilates sequence suitable for all levels as modifications are given.

Mat, weights, band, ball.

Saturday 9th October

Fitness Fusion Sculpt @ 9.20am

Duration: 30 minutes

A class to tone your core and lower body, a low impact workout which will get your heart rate up. A combination of barre, pilates, yoga & body conditioning moves. No trainers required.

Stretch & Meditation @ 10.00am

Duration: 30 minutes

A class to lengthen & stretch the muscles in your body, to help increase flexibility & improve strength & release tension. Followed by meditation to relax the mind & body & work on good breathing. Gentle to moderate pace. Equipment: mat, band, blanket. Guided meditation theme: the perfect now.